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Here, you will find general information about Rokugan, as well as the exploits of certain prominent samurai and their descendants. The game is set fairly early in Rokugan’s history, near the beginning of the 4th century.

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  • The Adventure Log is a chronicle of every gaming session.
  • The Wiki contains various information about Rokugan’s land and culture.
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  • Players can visit the Forums to discuss the game.
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Much of the general information here is lifted from the Legend of the Five Rings corebook, and many of its sourcebooks (from all four editions), as well as other L5R sources. Legend of the Five Rings is by no means my own work, and I mean no infringement or hostility by using and referencing the works of others here. My intention with this site is threefold:

  1. Help myself keep things organized as I plan and run a L5R campaign
  2. Provide reference for my players
  3. Spread word and interest about the game to anyone who happens along

Artwork (text and image) is largely used without permission, and if any artist wants their work removed from this site, I will do so immediately upon first notice.

LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS and all related markes are ™ and © Alderac Entertainment Group Inc.

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